Word Searcher
Type in a base word (or letter sequence) to get a word list for studying the structure and meaning of a word.
Busy Teacher's Cafe - great units (fluency, reading workshop, etc.)
Kathy Schrock’s Guide
Ambleside Literacy Hour- Numerous online interactivities!
Woodlands Literacy- A multitude of different types of resources to teach literacy
BBC Literacy Programs - Interactives for ages 7-8
Free Reading- Activities and intervention materials for many early literacy skills
Brenden is Teaching - Resources for each phase of Letters and Sounds (sodoku and many others)

Math Teacher’s Interactive Toolkit
Kathi Mitchell - Math Page for Teachers
Interactive Teacher 100 Chart - cover up a row, space, etc.
100 Chart with Interactive Counters!
100 Square Teacher Can Draw On!
NCTM e-resources
Math is Fun
Mathwire - excellent standards-based resources
Math Interactives - by grade level, Rockingham Public Schools
Ambleweb Interactive - Numerous Activities!
Woodlands Math Zone - Numerous interactive activities, ages 7-11
BBC Programs - Numerous activities offered
Science Netlinks Lessons
Woodlands Science - Interactive Science Games
National Geographic Kids - Kids’ Games, Animals, Photos, Stories and more
Technology Tips for Teachers
Tutorials for Teachers
iAdventures- for K-3 by subject
Brenden is Teaching - Free resource generators- flashcards, loopcards, Sodoku, etc.
Mrs. Holderbaum’s Website- K-5 Technology
Mrs. Sheftel’s Resources- Technology in Education, links to add to a class wiki
Technology for Differentiated Instruction
tutpup- Students play, compete, and learn
BBC Programs - Numerous Interactives for ages 4-11, includes all subject areas
Crickweb - Many interactive resources
ABCya - interactive educational games, all subject areas
Gamequarium - All subject areas
Sheppard Software - Awesome Games
Pics for Learning Clipart
Real photos - Free to use!
Mrs. Griffin’s third grade website - Many resources like lapbooks, task cards, work stations, etc.
Mrs. Vensko’s class - Writer’s Workshop, Daily 5, workstations
Mrs. Meacham Amazing content area links
Mrs. Winston- This site has it all!
Beth Newingham - Look at her classroom!


Topmarks Education
searches for educational resources in the UK, browse by subject and age group

Free Reading- Activities and intervention materials for many early literacy skills

Guide to Getting Along

Weather Underground - create graphs of temperature and precipitation