Additude is a very comprehensive site! Considers topics such as treatment options, positive behavior therapy, ways to honor kids with ADD, etc. Offers a free weekly newsletter. Very up-beat and positive regarding success of children with ADD.
About ADD This site contains more than just basic information regarding Attention Deficit Disorder. Topics include education, organizational tips, relationships, and many more!
Who Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet? ADD w/o hyperactivity (inattentive)

Other Learning Disabilities

LD Online a variety of information on learning disabilities.
National Center for Learning Disabilities site has a wealth of information. Site map includes LD Infozone, LD Advocate, Living with LD, and more. Allows topic searches.
Dyslexia On-line Magazine has amazing resources for successfully raising a child with dyslexia.

Gifted Learners
American Association for Gifted Children includes current news, resources, articles, etc.
Hoagieā€™s Gifted Education Page offers resources for parents and educators of gifted children.
A Different Place excellent resources for high-ability students

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